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Robin Robertson’s Triple Giveaway

If you are in need some some vegan books to add to your collection, mosey on over to Robin Robertson’s blog and leave a comment, for your chance to win some books! 🙂

(I”m hoping I win 1000 Vegan Recipes. But I’m not gonna lie, I want all three!) 🙂

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When Life Gives You Sour Cream….

Use up your cilantro and make cilantro sour cream!

Hey everyone 🙂 I hope everyone had a good week. I’ve been busy testing recipes and working on some reviews for you all 🙂 That’s right, testing recipes 🙂 So not only am I doing the cookbook challenge here, I am also helping some really awesome ladies work on their manuscripts for new year. Let me tell you this is homework I could really have done with in high school! 🙂

Menu #3 Breakdown

Breakfast – Cranberry Spice Bagels with cinnamon peanut butter and pear butter spread (w/an apple and some milk)

This was a very filling breakfast. For the most part it kept me full from when I ate it (around 7:30), until lunch time which is 12:15 for me. (Some days not so much, but that’s due to other issues, such as you know, a weird tummy). The bagels like the bread and the scones had that heavy “I’m bread, and I’m delicious, but I’m not really bread…” feel to it. just “harder” and not that ahh.. bagel!! feeling. I honestly think the more gluten free foods I eat, is the more I’ll get used that that heavy feeling.

It could just be me. I could not be working with my flours well enough. It really is a mystery.

The cinnamon peanut butter (Peanut Butter and Co) and my pear butter (homemade by moi!), was a great spread with this. it was thick and creamy. And as I have a tonne left over, it’s going to be swirrled into my oatmeal. (I need anything/everything to plump that sucker up because oatmeal leaves me starving after like 5 minutes).

Lunch – Fajita Soup with Creamy Potato Salad.

The last thing anyone wants to eat is potato salad. When it’s snowing. With that said, this was damn… erm. darn good salad. Really good. I would actually boil my potatoes more (about 5 minutes more) to get them a bit more softer. I had that potato salad-y bite to it, but not the mush needed to make my potatoes cream up with the mayo and just be creamy. Not potato. Mayo. Stuff. (which is what I had). I also think had I celery salt instead of a celery seed/salt mixture, it would have popped.

The Fajita soup was amazing. My suggestion if you use it for leftovers, stir the bottom of your container, and salt/pepper it. really, if you just nix the soup-y part, you’ve got a nice filling right here. This kept me full until dinner time.

Dessert was fruit and 2 pumpkin cookies


Dinner – 2 Mushroom & Asparagus Tacos w/Cilantro Mayo Sour Cream.

My mayo was used up in the potato salad and I didn’t want to go buy more vegenaise. (I mean I’m going to have to, but it wasn’t needed). So I used my sour cream. Which I had on a whim. And it is yummy. yummy. (and this was my first time having Tofutti sour cream). it wasn’t hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as the real stuff was, but it’s good, and it’s thick and it has that tang.  These are a good dinner. I think I’d really use these as a one off meal though not so much a weekly meel.


So all in all – good menu choices 🙂

And since it is almost time to wrap this up, you know what that means:

A: Soups. It’s snowing and cold and that’s all I really want.

Breakfast is again Oatmeal (or probably some cereal) with more cinnapear butter.
Lunch (from the book): Cheesy Broccoli Soup.
Dinner (from the book): Corn mushroom chowder w/biscuits (biscuits are from Hannah Kaminsky’s blog, bittersweet).

Dessert this week. Brownies.
If you guessed why, you get a .. well. brownie. 🙂

My Kelly Peloza interview will go up tomorrow. Like I said, I just needed to clean it up a bit and add my thoughts, and I got my review copy so I needed to make some things from it.  Allyson’s interview will go up Wednesday, and the announcement and first impressions of November’s book will go up then too.

As well as the Buy, Fry, Try? Rating 🙂

Now my tacos are getting cold.

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