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Menu #2 Analysis and what’s up with coffee?

on October 21, 2012

Hi Everyone! ūüôā

(Is anyone there? I wish I knew how to add subscribers, or whatever. I’m not used to wordpress and I can’t find things, but I’ll get there!) I also know I am quiet. It will get better. Work should hopefully slow down soon!


I don’t like deconstructing my menu when I am sick, because when your stomach hurts¬†all¬†day and then you eat, the last thing you want to do is be like “So how is your meal?” But I was very much unbiased in this deconstruction (also I had omni-people taste everything this week…. and they were in love).
Mushroom Stroganoff

This is hands down top five pasta dishes I’ve ever had in. my. life. I am a firm believer that pasta are one of those dishes that taste better the next day (some are the exception to this rule). If you were to eat this the day you made it, you will have this delish very saucy creamy dish. If you have it for leftovers, it is this light, yet filling dish. (light is the sauce). If you serve it with Ginger Brussels sprouts it’s this amazingballs meal.

My World Order (Cookies)
seriously…. I am a firm believer that cookies make everything better. Cookies will be seen as the ultimate tool to bring peace to Korea, the Middle East, and any other squabble.

Butterscotch Amaretti

This is one amazing cookie. And I’ve had a¬†lot¬†of cookies. A note – if you make these, I would suggest really flatting them out, they don’t spread. (I’ve yet to discover what makes cookies spread, vs. not spreading, but these are a not spreading cookie). They are also really rich (the base is almond flour). And this is what I am talking about. My stomach was really yucky, so I would have one and it was more yucky. (and really, am I going to give up a cookie? Eh, no.) But this cookie got rave reviews all around.

Baked Corn Pudding, Cinnamon Roasted Cauliflower, Compassionate Calamari

Let’s get this out of the way. The Calamari (king oyster mushrooms), was a fail, but this was a me, not the recipe. So I had no-cluck cutlet sandwiches. (Always, always have cutlets in the freezer for this purpose).

The baked corn pudding – this really needs to be¬†fine cornmeal (the book does state this by the way, I just didn’t have any). so my corn pudding simply tasted like thick cornbread. (Which was equally awesome).

But the star of¬†this show was the cinnamon roasted cauliflower. And I’m thought what you thought, why the heck would you put cinnamon on a cauliflower? Well, if you coat it with cornmeal and roast it, it makes it amazing, that’s why you’d do it. The book does say “serve immediately”, if I had a convection toaster oven, I would heat it up there to get it crispy again.

All of these meals were very much leftover friendly, easy to make and just stinking yummy.
(except again, the Calamari. Again thats my fault).


This weeks menu is:
Fajita soup
Mushroom & Asparagus Tacos with Cilantro Mayo
Cranberry Spice Bagels (with pear butter & cinnamon peanut butter)

I’ve not had the bagels yet – but do they¬†ever look like them. Like I bought them or something. my roommate had one and thought they were really, really good.

The Fajita soup smelled delicious. Like..well. fajitas. ūüėČ
I didn’t make the tacos yet, but I mean, come on. Tacos.

So. let’s talk about about coffee.

Im actually allergic to caffeine. I can (thankfully) have chocolate but the caffeine in black tea, coffee and other things gives me violent migraines. So when I see it in things like chili or cookies, or other recipes I have to wonder… why? Why add the coffee flavour? I don’t even¬†like¬†coffee. Even when I had it. (one little sip). or the smell of it, it’s gross. (truly if you ever want a pick me up, detox tea (with gingko, lemongrass and green tea is the way to go).

Here’s the reason. Coffee helps balance the sweetness in the chocolate. (Sort of the same reason why you have a little bit of sugar in tomato sauce). This doesn’t really change the fact that A: I can’t have it, B: even if I could, I hate the taste of it, and C: how to¬†substitute¬†it.

Insert: Chicory, Dandelion Root and well, non-caffeinated coffee.

I’m going to see if I can do things (using chicory/dandelion root), to¬†substitute¬†for some recipes,but its the ones that call for “1 cup strong black coffee”, ¬†“2tbsp espresso powder” etc. How do I replace¬†that? I’ve got to figure that one out.

That’s it for me ūüôā talk to you later


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