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A ‘Shroom Affair.

on October 13, 2012

Hello everyone! 🙂

So here is the breakdown of the menu one week later (for those who cook like me and eat leftovers during the entire week, or just want to know how things taste like the day after).

Basic Brown Bread
Really good the day after. It got a bit dry-ish on me, but put in the toaster, and put a schmear of ______________ on it. (my schmear of choice was naturally the cranberry apple butter). I still have some slices left over, so that’s going to be used to mop up the Dilly Stew with Dumplings that I made this evening. (I always cook for my best friends when they come over).


Banana Bread Scones (w/optional nuts).
Yum yum in my tum. I am not  a banana bread person. Not in the slightest. I always think I am, and then I find that I am not. Weird, I know. but these were good. Not too banana-y and not too sweet. They don’t even need anything, just a quick minute in the microwave, or toaster oven.

Pumpkin Chili
Like this really needs me to talk about it? It was so freaking delicious. Every morsel. This will be made again and again. (this is where you kind of wish books had detachable pages and you can put all your favourites in one spot – I swear I said this before). But this is totally worth it. (and I am not even a big pumpkin fan. Well what North Americans call pumpkin – the big Jack-o Lantern things. When I grew up, my daddy (who is from ‘da Islands, mon), made “pumpkin” all the time, but it was like the ones with the green skin, you know? I think it’s called acorn squash here Or pepper squash? It’s the thickgreen skin. One of y’all know what I’m talking about). And I eat that all the time! But the jack-o-lantern stuff is good. but not in pie.
Black Bean, Potato & Cheese Enchiladas.
These were okay. They would have been fantastic, had I the following

  • bigger corn tortillas
  • or flour tortillas.
  • they weren’t dry.

Yeah, my corn tortillas were a touch dry. (which could be my fault) and they didn’t really re-heat well (sometimes). But it was still really good, and I will totally make them again.


All in all – Menu #1 was fan-tas-tic.


Now. Let’s talk fungus.

There are some crazy weirdos out there. (You know who you are). who don’t like mushrooms. Why and how, I don’t understand. Mushrooms are amazing. I haven’t tried all of them (like porcini and the other fancy dancy ones) but I add mushrooms to everything. It’s like right up there with onion (a staple) and garlic. Whip up a little mushrooms and bam! A great meal.

So when I chose Menu #2 I was really excited because it was going to focus on the ‘Sroom in the big way.

Compassionate Calamari
Baked Corn Pudding
Roasted Cinnamon Cauliflower
Butterscotch Armaretti

The pasta dish (stroganoff) was… amazing. Just like to die for. I used tri-coloured rotini (yes the wheat. Backoff, I don’t (thankfully) have gluten issues, plus, it makes the dish look all nice and pretty). And this called for 20g of mushrooms. That, folks is a lot of mushrooms. Deelish.

Then, I made the baked corn pudding, which smelled good. And become I am dumb (and cooked right after the longest day of work ever), I forgot to add the jalapeno peppers, cumin and everything. I just made basic corn pudding. Which, basically is still really good. (I didn’t try this yet).

The roasted cinnamon cauliflower really had me guessing. But it was really good as well. (Omni-Roommate really liked it as well).

So now we come to the calamari. (which called for King Oyster Mushrooms).

I don’t know what on earth made me think that this would be a good idea. I mean, I liked fried food. (Kind of. Sort of. in a way). I’ve fried veganly before. But I’ve never had in my pregan (fyi that’s PRE-gan. not pregnant like my friend thought). calamari. Which is a squid thing. Ever. But I could imagine that it is squishy, ishy and just yuck. And for someone who has texture issues, I would have most likely have avoided it.

Then whydid I decide to make this? I should have bypassed the recipe, gone directly to jail, not collect 200 dollars. But I did.


Well, let’s just say, I won’t be making it again any time soon.

To be fair. And I always am that, if anything else, had I used king oyster mushrooms (not the regular ones), and cut them into size), and had I had fine cornmeal, it maybe would have come out a teensy bit better. Teensy. but they still crisped up really good, and had I remembered to make the tarter sauce, It would have been better,  but….

It was squishy.
And chewy

Not for texture eaters.
(Why do I feel that all mushroom haters just went, “ha-ha!”?)

This is my flop for the cookbook, (I hope). I am instead going to be having gobblers/no-clucks with the meal. Good ole ready made seitan (which means I really should make some more up soon, my backup supply is running low).

But. You know what made up for this?

The cookie.
(Like, there was any other doubt?)

I’ve never had Butterscotch Armaetti before. I never even knew what it was. But It’s Allyson’s favourite cookie. And it was very simple to make, if you dodged the flying bits of dough. (also – cookie scoop didn’t like this batter). And it takes a while to get – 30 minutes. But . holy. cow. Is it worth it when you bite down. It is so chewy. And soft. And tender. and butter-scotchy. (and there’s no butterscotch!) .

These will be made again. Not often. They need a lot of almond meal. Not the cheapest thing in the world.
But hooboy. Worth the cost of the book alone.

Here’s the schedule folks.
I’ve got some interviews for you, so stay tuned (will be up by Tuesday the latest)

Menu analysis by Thursday of this week (baring any mishaps. ie: Market Day takes forever. per-usual).

And pictures.
(oh hush. you know they’re coming).





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