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Some Musings, Some Updates, and My New Boy, Chuck.

on October 2, 2012

Forgive me. I lied.

I didn’t mean to lie. It wasn’t even my intention to lie, but lie I did. The lie was, that I was going to do a total photo essay of every recipe of all my books and it would be awesome.  Because you know, it’s awesome.

But I think… there are just some days you don’t want to cook from the same book. Yes it is easier because you have all the stuff you need, but sometimes you want to cook from someone else. Or you want to try a brand new recipe that you discovered online, and you pout because it’s not in the book.. Or you just want to eat crackers and soup because you feel kind of icky.

(like this week).

It’s nothing against the book. It’s part of the reason why I stopped in the middle of The Every Day Vegan. (and why I never did make it through the entire Betty Crocker 12th Edition Cookbook). There is a tonne of recipes out there and I want to try to get through a tonne of them. (Plus if I cook through most of my cookbooks, I can buy more. See. Logic!).

And. I’m not forgetting about the pictures. It just takes a while to upload them, edit them, and transfer them to my photo locker and then put them here. And I work 12 hour days. So. it’s not really on the first and foremost thing on my mind. But I am taking them. 🙂 I just need to you know. Fiddle with them! 🙂

So – final reviews on Quick & Easy Low Cal Comfort Food

I made one recipe from every section, minus: salads. so I feel that I can properly comment on everything.

Everything that I made except for the lasagne was really, really good. They came out exactly as it was supposed to minus  the black bean sausage (and that was more of my fault, not the book).

Cooktime – very fast. If I were a weekday chef, and I made sure a little prework (ie: have sausage already made and frozen), a lot of these could be done when someone came home from work.

Vegan to Omni Factor: I’d say pretty high, You shouldn’t have a picky issue here.

Taste: Pretty good, and how I’d expect it to be.

Instruction: Clear (good!)

Variation on the Diet: I’d say fair to middling. Ample parts of seitan, bean and tofu.

Ingredients Forage: minimum. I don’t know what Spike seasoning is, I couldn’t find gumbo file (and I forgot to pick it up at my specialty spice shop) and I couldn’t find vegan whipping creme (and I know I can make my own but I was looking for the one that the book called for… for the most part anything/everything you could find in your local store, Canadian and all.

Leftover Friendly: high. Everything I made tasted good as the week wore on.

Favourite Recipe: I’d have to say the meatball soup with the buttermilk biscuits. I am making sweet potato biscuits & chips as I have a bunch of sweet potato sitting here & it’s thanksgiving… so they do go hand in hand I’d say. The meatballs looked eerily like meat meat balls. It kinda squiged me out! Oh wait. + the lemongrass soda & sugar cookies. Nom.

Is this a Buy, Try Or Fry?:  I would give it a solid buy rating. I made most of the soups (Im a soup fiend) and they were really good. The biscuits and breakast foods (which I find aren’t often quick and grabbable for most vegan books) was worth it, and the a whole section of low caloric drinks (make the lemongrass soda.Just do it).  is worth it.

Now. the question was asked, if you had the first book, did you need the this one. (as this is low cal, and the other one, well is not). Well, I can’t answer that. I don’t have the first book. Some recipes did come over, but they were revamped to be low cal-ed so I don’t know.

New stuff to look forward too…


I have one lined up with Alicia (the author of Vegan Comfort Food – and I just realised my tag was wrong. Darn it, must fix). And a surprise one 🙂

October’s Book:

Gluten Free is becoming a huge thing in the weight loss world, vegan world, and the world in general. It’s really tough in the vegan world because a lot of our main sources of nourishment comes from gluten-gluten based products. But there is a huge movement in the xgfx community and there are a lot of people who have awesome stuff. In honour of that I will be cooking from Great Gluten Free Vegan Eats. This book is by Allyson Kramer of Manifest Vegan. I will do a preview of the book later this week.
This book almost didn’t get chosen because…

My new slowcooker “Chuckwagon!” came.

Okay let me explain. I name all my appliances. That’s right. Every single thing I own that’s an appliance… or electronic, gets a name. (eg: my cast iron skillets are named Bubba and Bobby-Joe. My timer is named Clicky Pig. My Food Processor is named Faith. My Ninja is called, well.. I can’t say it in polite company. But there is a reason I’m saving up for the Holy Grail of Blenders. The Ninja can do its thing but man do I want a Vitamix).

So my new Cuisinart 6.5 quart programmable 12 hour delay crockpot…. is named Chuckwagon. But it’s nickname is Chuck.
Not Chuck. But Chucuuuuk. With a deep thick Southern accent.

Look. I don’t have a life. Give me this.

And with my new boy Chuuuccck (I’ll stop now), along came Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson. (Note: this is not a reprint of her original book “Fresh from the Vegetarian slow cooker”). This came after I made the announcement about October’s book.

A “Darn it!” may have escaped my lips. 😉


But, to be fair, I’ve wanted to cook from this book for ages. AGES. And now I can, because I chose it. trallaa. See 🙂

Because it’s Thanksgiving, I do plan on cooking up a nice Thanksgiving feast for… well one. I am going to take advantage of Pear season while its here and make some pear cinnamon jam and pear slow cooker butter. but I think my first menu is going to involve Veggie Kofta (If you had pre-ordered this book way back when you were given some recipes that didn’t make it into the book – Veggie Kofta did not. This will be the only thing I’ll make because I don’t think it’s fair to cook things that you don’t get access to).

See ya next time!



One response to “Some Musings, Some Updates, and My New Boy, Chuck.

  1. LOL, congrats on your crockpot buddy Chuck! 😉
    I received Robin’s book yesterday too and look forward to cooking from it as well! But first I have to do what you did already and cook more from Alicia’s book as well as from Isa’s AFR. 😉

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