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Annnd We’re Back!

on September 25, 2012

It’s just been a very couple of weeks. Last week, there were no pictures as I forgot to photograph the Jalapeno Poppers. (so freaking good, so they were just going into my mouth, rather than stopping to take the time to photograph them). and… wow, I can’t remember what else I made. But it was all good.

Except for the lasagna.

I really wish I knew what went wrong with that recipe. I think it could just be I’m not a white sauce girl. Or a tofu in lasagna kind of girl…

Or it just wasn’t good. (for me).

I did also try a new cheese – Follow Your Heart. (but as I had to chuck the entire thing away, I don’t know if I liked it… it melts great though!).

This weeks menu is fairing a lot better. And I am remembering to take pictures.


Breakfast is.. well. Breakfast Biscuits.
I made the buttermilk biscuits (which are REALLY good) with the tofu egg and seitan sweet sausage I actually decided when I made the sausage, instead of making them into links, just make them into little patties. Better decision.

Lunch is Meatball Soup.
Oh. my heck. this is now hands down one of my top five favourite soups ever. EVER. I added my own spice mix to this (Just a touch of Mrs. Dash and some exra pinches of herbs here and there), but the overall base (and the meatballs) were amazing. I am actually going to make the meatballs again (just as hamburger patties), do a sear and have them for my weekeend meal.

Dinner is Chik’n Fried Steak w/5 Minute Garlic and Spinach. (with Mashed Potatoes).
This is good.I did not use the Basic Seitan recipe, instead of I used Vegan Sandwiches No-Cluck recipe. It’s my favourite. (plus it tastes like chicken) 😀 But everything else was good. A touch more salty, I think I would not add the salt (I don’t have Bragg’s Liquid Amnios yet, I am using up my Tamari right now, but she calls for that + some salt, and I think the extra salt just kills it in the gravy). and the coating was a bit salt-y too. But it’s still yummy.

The garlic spinach.. I think I let it ‘wilt’ too much. It was .. not yummy. (for me) I am a texture girl after all.

Dessert is baked apple sorbet. Yes, you can totally come over. (this was not in the book, but I saw the recipe and needed to try it ASAP).

Pictures to follow.


One response to “Annnd We’re Back!

  1. Nyj. says:

    Loving the site Liv! Shame I don’t have the book, to try it out also, but I have over 50 cookbooks & need to stop for a while (or till Sophie Dahl brings out a new one)
    But keep it up! It’s inspirational 🙂

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