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Painful Weekend. Scrummy Eats.

on September 9, 2012

I have had the most painful weekend ever. Painful. I slept wrong  so now I’ve got the most ever loving pain bubble in my back and neck, which is causing my arm to go numb. And I sleep on my arm, so imagine waking up to the biggest case of pins and needles two days in a row.

Then – I had a big case of heartburn. (but lunch – Avo-pasta with Apple-Sage Sausage was totally worth it).

Then I had some oil splash into my eye. (Yes. I screamed like a girl. Yes, I freaked out – but I’m fine).

This morning, I had more oil splash my arm.

The moral of the story – Oil is totally not worth it. (Okay, maybe it is).
So I am nice – here are the hash browns from last week. Like I said they were okay – but I think next time I will either double the recipe or just make them bigger. But they did go well with my meal, so all is well that ends well.

Speaking of which. I actually contacted the author of the book! 🙂 Alicia is a very sweet lady. I needed to know what I did wrong regarding the sausage patties, and she really helped with the trouble shooting of them. I’m not going to make them again any time soon, we’ve got an entire book to work through (or mostly the entire book). but I will re-do them. Basically, what I needed to do was have a half puree/half dry mixture. And NO wet hands. I think for me it’s going to take a bit to get there but we will.

If you also remember, I said I did some canning last weekend. (and if I didn’t, guess what! I did canning last weekend!) I made peach butter (not the jam in the book, I didn’t have pectin). and rhubarb butter. Here’s a lookie loo.

the left is Rhubarb with (organic) white sugar/cinnamon, the left is Rhubarb with dark sugar and ginger. Both are yum.

My friend and I felt like just making them different from the book (FYI- Food in Jars). We followed the basic recipe, but we actually reduced the sugar that was in the book (JB’s suggestions, and we added cinnamon to the original. Then I was like, well what would dark brown sugar do, and we were like, I dunno, hence, we added a blend of dark brown sugar, white sugar, and some ginger. (To offset all that delish molasses goodness). They were awesome. My summer project this year was to actually can. Well, i got off to a really slow start, so I do intend to pickle and can a lot next year.

As I said, I also did peach jam, which was really yummy, and we added some cinnamon to that too. The peaches were well roasted. (I did want to get Food in Jars. It isn’t a vegan book,but things in there can very easily be veganised. I’m thinking swapping the honey for maple syrup or brown rice syrup (probably the latter). And I want to make curd! Which is very veganisable. Swap the egg yolks for some corn starch, and you have got a delish, creamy curdy fruit… curd. Minus the egg. See. Where on earth would we be without Google, I tell ya, I never want to know.

But – you want to know about this weeks menu! I was actually really good and kept prep times too! 🙂

Saturday Night:
Baked Risotto:
Prep-Time 15 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes.

So this meal is totally weekend-nightable! In the book it says serve immediately. Eh. I never pay attention to that!. take a look of the final product with all the creamy Earth Balance and nutritional yeast (aka Nootch).

The orange bitties are carrots, and the yellow isn’t corn – it’s the yellow zucchini that I found at the organic health food store. Next week’s menu is going to include “Crispy Risotto Cakes” (technically to use the leftovers, but I figure, I’ll just double the serving size – because believe it or not this is less than 160 calories), and make another fresh batch then crisp it up. It will be still under 1.5 hours. 🙂

I love risotto – when I was living in Korea, I had a really nice pregan meal of chicken risotto (with honking big mushrooms). I never really had anything like that since, but risotto is really big in vegan circles, so I know i’m going to be able to have this over and over again.I reckon this will win itself a sticker.

Chickpea Catacctore
Prep-Time: less than 15 minutes
Cooktime-30 Minutes
Chickpea Soak Time – overnight
Slower-cooker: 8 hours.

Remember y’all. I use dried beans (and really ever rarely to make enough to freeze ). These went for eight hours.I find doing it for 6 hours still makes the chickpea hard-ish, while the eight hours gives it fresh from the can taste (for me). Anyway, if you just remember to do this and go on your way – it doesn’t factor into your prep time at all. Also – the timing is off because this is where I had oil splash into my eye.

Anyway – this made up quickly. As I was screaming “my eye! my eye!” and washing it under cold water, my roommate took over (Thanks). But my garlic burned (which is what Alicia said this will happen if you don’t stir constantly, so I added a pinch of roasted garlic powder. (I love this powder, I swear to goodness.  I will use any and every excuse to use it).

I’ve never really had any kind of caccatore in my pregan days but I am just assuming this is a version of a meat based tomato sauce that you’d serve up over… pasta or something. The suggestions were called for either rice or quinoa. I chose quinoa because A: I was already having rice in the risotto, and B: I’ve not had it for a while. and I was using this for my lunch, I figure, let’s

the sesame is in the oil. no seeds.

just have a very powerful protein lunch. With a side of the sesame broccolini, it will be very complete and very yummy. (speaking of the broccolini, I am just going to say, while I was a firm believer of “boil it dead” steaming it is so easy and you just get to keep that vivid green colour I’m just going to steam all the time now (Unless of course I have to boil it dead) :). The broccolini took less than five minutes and less than a minute prep. Have it on hand, and it’s done in no time.

It will be kind of weird to have an “Italian” based meal with something akin to an Asian flair (with the sesame oil and all) but I think it will compliment each other very much. 🙂 (I also am going to have this with the risotto. Lots o’ greens!

We interrupt this to show off the yummy hush puppies. (I am embarrassed to admit, I ate these all yesterday. They never stood a chance). Which is why I made stove top Sticky Bun Popcorn as well.

stovetop style. really good!

If you remember – last time I made barbeque popcorn, I used my air popper. Which, I do not mind using at all. I feel it’s quick, easy, and you can get like a single serving right off the bat, which is good. (Much better than you know, buying a bag of chips. I like chips, but I like popcorn better, except when it gets stuck in my gums). With the stop-top, you get that.. well great tasting flavour you want from popcorn, (a bit more calories, due to the oil, I think) but still really quick. the Air Popper was like less than 5 minutes, this took 20 minute start to finish.

And now. the star of our show. The one I was really concerned about. The blueberry cornmeal pancake. First of all I think I have to admit a few things:

  • I am not the biggest pancake fan in the world. They’re okay, but I like waffles better.
  • Mostly because I suck at making them.
  • I don’t like blueberries.

fresh in the pan.

So. there we go. But these were like awesome. I think I have a weird kind of cornmeal. This stuff is really course and dry and everything, (not silky smooth like the one I get at the bulkfood store. I should really take a picture of the two side by side next time I get some bulk-store cornmeal). But this has got some bite to it!

This took about 5 minutes to put everything together, and another 10 or so to actually make. So very easy to do in the morning if you’ve got your stuff together. I think blueberries make this. (I think raspberries would too. Strawberries, I doubt it). I topped off my poor broken mis-shapen ones with the peach butter and a tipple of maple syrup. (There is totally not enough to share with my roommate. So sad. Also not enough to last for the week. Double so sad. And I’m not really going to make another batch for the rest of the week. I do have cold cereal).


breakfast of champions. Peach butter, maple syrup, and the blueberry cornmeal pancake, nommmy nommy.

I’m going to get some milk now and make some mint tea.

Honestly though – when people ask me what I eat as a vegan – just look above. Nothing processed, all organic for the most part, and so easy and quick to make. And most of this stuff is gluten free too. It’s like a inside the park home run.


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