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Hush Puppy!

on September 8, 2012

When I was a little girl. (from like 8 to 12) my uncle and aunt used to drive to Florida. It was so awesome because I got to see America, and have American things.. like Musketeer bars, and Milky Way Bars (which ended up being in Canada anyway, and Milky way is a Mars Bar. I was 8. work with me).

But my favourite thing was when we hit the South (Carolina, Kentucky), is that we got to have Southern Food. I didn’t really care about everything else (grits, fried everything). I wanted Hush Puppy.

Now, I know what you are asking.

Liv, what is, pray, a hush puppy. (also you are asking, do I always add “pray” when I ask a question. Yes. Yes. Yes I do.)

A Hush puppy is a corn meal, onion-y, garlick-y fried dough mess of a yum in your tum. I kid you not. It’s just awesome. And now people can add actual corn, and bacon grease (yuck!) and whatever. As we never had pork for religious reasons, I’m assuming the hush puppies I had was Piglet free. But truthfully for a bowlful of some puppies, I didn’t care.

Why are they called hush puppies? You’re asking me? I’m Canadian, go ask a Southerner.

Naturally. I decided to make this from the book.  These are technically supposed to make 18. However, we had a few issues.

  1. I didn’t have a mini muffin pan
  2. I have yet to bake anything that had a suggested serving size and I reached it.

So instead of 18. I got 11 pretty nice baked hush puppies. (Yes baked. it’s low cal vegan, y’all. It wasn’t going to be fried. Shame).

The one, teeny, tiny tweak I made to this recipe was the addiction of garlic. For me, hush puppies need garlic. I wasn’t going to grate them in there (ooh, an Idea for next time), so I added a tsp of roasted garlic powder. These just made them all pop.

Happy belly.

After Who tomorrow, I’ll be making everything else including pancakes). Pictures to follow.


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