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If Broccoli & Asparagus were to ever Fall in Love..

on September 7, 2012

Okay first things first:

I know. You are missing pictures of the popcorn (it’s in the book – also. my popcorn will not really… work the same way as Alicias. I have an Air-Popper, ergo, I don’t need to mix with oil, while she does. So it kinda worked out because it’s actually lower-cal. (SCORE!) but It tastes. well. airpopped.

Leftover Rating of Menu 1:
8/10. The Black Bean Sausage (crumbles) tasted great for the week. Ditto the Chickpea Cheese. (hummus y’all. less oily hummus). everything stood the test of time except the Hashbrowns. So I figure these are more of a “You have people come over, and you decide, hey, Let’s make hash browns).

(but truth be told. I wasn’t SUPER impressed with them. They made an awesome lunch accessory but I feel like they could have been bigger (actually they could have been I did 1/4 instead of the 1/3) but I just like store bought better.

Chickpea Cheese (HUMMUS). I am going to use as a snack or something. i don’t think it will go bad right away. I have a LOT left over. The salsa (Yummy) I will make a tonne of it and can it for next year.I think Tomaillos are out of season now. boo.
Almond Granola WILL be made again. I got 6+ servings out of it (1 cup each). and it was yummy. I do suggest mixing your fruits (like 1/8th cup of everything. Prunes, ironically made the difference).

Breakfast lasted me for a long time. Which, I have to say, good job granola and pumpkin milk. (Now I have to say that breakfast #2 has a lot to live up to).

Lunch as well, by the time I got home I was hungry.

Dinner…. we had issues. I was hungry every day this week after dinner. (so. of course I had some sorbet and some more popcorn – and a gingerale I was slightly sick to my tummy).  I’ll report if this is a standard thing.

I have to say I am off to a good start.


Book Finds

I was so good. I lasted. A lot longer than I had to be. Really. But when you have a new Celine Steen Tami Noyes book coming out (Albeit May 2013), you’d pre-order it too right? Especially if it’s a baking book. With whole grains. I mean, hello, it’s practically essential. Also – I preordered Gluten Free & Vegan Bread. I had to. Again. Essential. Not to say I intend to give up gluten. Gluten and me. we’re buds. But I love bread. And I love making it. (well learning how to). It reminds me of watching my mom and grandma make bread. So if I could A: make bread, B: make vegan bread, C: make my vegan bread gluten free.. I think that’s a win win win situation. Also – it will D: save on BUYING vegan bread, because y’all. vegan bread’s expensive.

Plus they aren’t coming out until next year so I have plenty of time to save up and cook more for you all. See. logic.


Food Finds

I found Peanut Butter & Co Peanut Butter. This was like beyond amazing. I’ve wanted to try these forever and – while I don’t think they are Canadian wide yet, they were at my supermarket. On sale. Plus a discount. And this was a super market I never really go to. Yeah. Score one for me.


Menu #2

Now this is what you really wanted to know, and the title of the blog post. Well. we’re going to be cooking with broccolini this week. What is, pray, broccolini? Well – it’s broccoli and asparagus exploded into one spiffy veg. It really looks cool. Mine is organic (so it cost more, but I actually got more. It was 5.99 a lb and I spent 7 dollars on it. Eek, I know. BUT. the other supermarket had.. “Broccoli spears” which looked like my baby broccolini, but it was 2.71 per bunch. And the bunch was small. So I would have had to spend at least 6+ on it, to get my lb, so this way I have my lb + its organic. Win.

This week’s adventures in Low Cal Vegan cooking is


Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes. w/Peach Butter
not the spiced Carolina Peach jam. I think should I be able to get peaches for 79¢ again OR get 3lbs for a good lot, I’ll probably make some of it. if not, I won’t. I don’t really feel like worrying with peaches right now anyway.

Almond Milk (Silk).

this one is going to be tough. I am not the biggest fan of fresh blueberries. I know. I am weird. I also don’t like it in baked goods. Yes. I know. I am weird. Especially when my favourite pregan doughnut was a blueberry fritter. loaded with blueberry jam… work that one out. 

Sesame Broccolini with Chickpea Catacctore & Quinoa
(power-protein lunch!)
with applesauce (Yes. I have a thing for applesauce. I intend to can a bucket load).

Baked Risotto! I found yellow zucchini at my health food store and I figured that was as close to summer squash as I was going to get right now. The things I do for you people because I had to HUNT for that Leek. (yes the leek of all things).


I’m also going to be making hush puppies. (for the weekend and other snacking). most likely Sticky Bun Popcorn. There was going to be some sugar cookies too – but alas I forgot the cream of tartar. Maybe next week.

This week is Bean week. So this meal is 100 percent soy free should you you know, purchased soy-free items. (the book isnt’ ‘marked’ soy free or whatever, but I think it’s often good to know). Like I said, I eat the big vegan Four of proteins: Seitan, Tofu, Tempeh & Beans. So I cycle. Seitan, Soy, Bean. (rinse and repeat). I know that it might not always be so clear cut. (e.g.: a lot of this books tofu recipes includes seitan as well). but I think as long as I try, I am not ‘overdoing it’ on any one food group. (even though, seitan is really yummy).


Oh – and to answer the question: I will be using Alicia’s seitan recipes in the book – unless she calls for storebought. Then I will whip up some Gobblers, Moo-Free & No Cluck Cutlets from Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day.
Time for some Torchwood.

Cooking commences tomorrow, and maybe I’ll actually give you a look of a plated dish of food…. 😉



3 responses to “If Broccoli & Asparagus were to ever Fall in Love..

  1. MomOf2Gremlins says:

    I’m so happy you’re having this blog now! I truly enjoy reading your posts and make notes along the way for myself since we seem to have 99% of the same books! 😉
    Not being a Seitan fan myself, I’ll have to give it another try and see how Alicia’s fares with me! 😉

    • I honestly think You have to get a real good recipe. It hit me that I’ve actually had this before (Seitan) but i’ve never heard it called that. it’s been called “Gluten” (Which, hah, is what it is). But I hated it really because it never really tasted good. But with Robin Robertson’s recipes, and Tami/Celine’s recipes, I’m good.

      (Good enough to hope sooner or alter someone does like a book(let) of like the hundreds of flavours and textures of seitan) heeh.

      Also. 🙂 thanks! 🙂 I’m going to be very dedicated and try to post semi regularly. hehehe.

      • MomOf2Gremlins says:

        LOL, see, the only way I like Seitan is in the ‘veggeroni’ form (Isa’s recipe), but all the rest turned out just weird to me!.. I guess I’ll have to give it another try!..

        Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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