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Sprouts, Cheese, Salsa and Granola… Oh My!

on September 2, 2012

So I started doing most of these Friday Night. (The Sausage – I want the fennel to develop, so these will have a quick fry up). I also did onion and bell peppers for the quesadillas today but these are a “make the day of”. So I did everything else.

Almond Granola.

 This was the first thing I made this morning. (and I honestly had meant to check the timing on everything else I made, but I get into this Rachael Ray cooking zone or something and I forget, I take breaks, etc). This literally takes about 30 minutes to make start to finish. There were optional fruit choices one can do – so I did all of them (1/8th cup of 4 instead of 1/4 cup of 2).

(Prunes, Apricots, Cranberries and Currants).

This came together, and cooked and cooled under an hour and Alicia says it’s good on the countertop. So We’ll see about that.

How do I feel about this? This isn’t the first granola I’ve made. It was easier and certainly drier than my first batch (the last one called for applesauce for sweetness, and I used a different puffy cereal). It tastes…flat. Like she forgot to add salt to it or something. I think a pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt would have brought out the yumminess of everything. But having this with some milk will do.

This will be made again simply for the “snack” factor and the east factor.


Gingered Brussels Sprouts

You know – I’ve never steamed vegetables before. Ever. I am a boil it until it’s dead kind of girl, so it took me a couple of minutes to figure out how my new steamer basket worked. (and then I went “oooohh”) and then I stuffed it all of Brussels sprouts and was curious how on earth it was going to get all tender, popped the lid on it and did what I needed to do to make the ginger sauce. And colour me surprised. It totally came out awesome


I think I’ve had Brussels sprouts once ever. But these are really good. 

It took less than ten minutes for these. (well, fifteen once you take in the quartering). I did not, however have vermouth. I do not drink, and while I do have red wine and white wine for Seitan making or whatever, unless the recipe allows the wine to come to a high temperature to burn off the alcohol I don’t use it. So long story short, I pulled out my white wine, herbed it up and added it to the mix. It tastes fine to me.


Chickpea Cheese.


I don’t know why she just didn’t call it cheesy hummus. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to be “cheesy” like, but it’s like a thick spread of nootchy goodness, with a nice punch of Hungarian Paprika. (this is my go too. I have three. Hungarian (sweet), Spanish (smoked) and American (bland). I NEVER use my American, always opting for the Hungarian, unless I need smoked. Call me snotty). 🙂  Anyway – this was a three day event as I don’t use storebought chickpeas  I don’t think a lot of people realise how fast it is to make your own beans.

I know what it looks like but it’s good.

Slow Cooker Way:

1 cup (or more) of beans (remember they double in size after they soak)
Rinse and put about 2ish inches over it and pop it in the fridge.
Take it out the next day and rinse again – and then put into the slow cooker
Cover with water (again about 2-3ish inches) a splash of oil, a pinch of salt, add some
Kombu (it’s a sea weed, it helps you not toot as much), 5-7 hours later – beans!

Stovetop Way

Do everything I just said,but put in a pot, cover it up and leave it alone for 1-2 hours.
(I find though slow cooking it gives it that fresh from the can taste).

But back to the recipe – I ended up dumping everything in the food processor and woila. And then of course my friends proceed to tell me how gross it looks. It’s not the sexiest food thing ever but it really does taste delish. (I bet the next day once the flavours marry, will taste better). But “cheese” it ain’t. It’s a hummus spread. So I think making some crackers would be in order the next time I make this.

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

I forgot to chop in the cilantro. Crud.
I also, somehow, forgot to buy seranno peppers…or they are hidden in my apartment. (I hope this isn’t the case).

So when in doubt, use what you have, which was in this case, chiplotes in adobo sauce. I haven’t really tasted it yet, I’ll let you know, and I know this will now change the caloric balance of the recipe.(eh). But I needed a pepper, right?  This was the longest to make due to the roasting of the tomatillos. But it all came together really quickly, and then… Wham!

wham-pow! yummy salsa


It’s one of those things – once you now know how to do it – why would you really go and buy it again. I love salsa. LOVE it. and had I known it was super easy to make (and in theory, it shouldn’t have been that surprising – hello. Tomatoes, veg, = salsa). but I never really do it. But it is good, good food.

I haven’t actually tasted it yet, (but it smelled delish). I am going to wait to spoon it over the quesadillas which will be made again, tomorrow. (the plan is to saute everything up, and then have it spread-able, and just eat when I need it.


Tomorrow I will show you

BBQ Popcorn. (and maybe sticky-bun, I do have friends over).
Pumpkin Seed Milk
and the put together queasadilla. 🙂

Now I have food to munch.








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