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Menu #1 (We’re About To Begin!)

on August 30, 2012

I was. this close to be making the Plantain tamales. This close (imagine two fingers close together). And while I am all about changing my tastebuds and everything… I’ve never had a tamale, and I’ve never had a plantain. So that was two new things I’ve never had and I was like…

Eh no.
(A big reason why this was a big contender is that this weekend is a long weekend. Why not?).

So the Menu this week is going to be a doozy.

Almond Granola with Pumpkin Seed Milk.

Gingered Brussels Sprouts with  Oven Hash Browns & Black Bean Sausage
with storebought applesauce. 

Black-bean Quesadillas with roasted Tomatillo Salsa.
with frozen grapes. 

BBQ Popcorn

Total Low Cal Vegan Calories:

Dude. I am going to love this book. 1208 Calories for everything i’m going to make is a whopping 1208 calories. And the only reason why I’ve got it to 1208 is because I added the popcorn. (I have to see what a serving size of grapes are and the applesauce that I’ve purchased, but that still gives me a good 200 calories to play with).

Tomorrow is shopping day and then I shall commence cooking, commentating and capturing.

I don’t know if I mentioned this… maybe I did, I’ve written a lot. I’m not a “cook every day” kind of girl. I’m a cook once  and then have left-overs all the time kind of girl. I am lazy


One response to “Menu #1 (We’re About To Begin!)

  1. Oh wow, I haven’t even looked at the 1.200 cal menu plan! I’d never make it to the end of the day! LOL [I never had tamales or plantains either, btw! 😉 ]
    Looking forward to see what your reviews are gonna be! 🙂

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