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Who Am I, What Is This, What Does It All Mean?

on August 26, 2012

Oi. I hate the very start of blogging. You have to get all ‘intro’ stuff done. šŸ™‚

Who Am I?

I’ll refrain from all the cheesy jokes that can pop up. I’m Liv. And I’m vegan. And I love to cook. (and I love reading, cross stitching, Doctor Who and a myriad of other British television, and a plethora of other things). I’ve got a great sense of humour (I love lame Ā jokes) and.. well other stuff will pop up I guess.

What Is This?

This is my blog. (that was so easy!). But it’s not just a blog – it’s a cooking blog. That is going to focus on Ā Vegan Cooking from Vegan Cookbooks (and blogs). While I love to cook, I am not superĀ adventurous, so while I do sometimes come up with great cooking ideas, if you are expecting recipes – sorry šŸ˜¦ Ā However, expect lots of foodie pictures, and breakdowns of cookbooks (e.g.: Ā if serving sizes = what it suggests, if cooking time is what it expects, if there is a lot ofĀ modifications). SO it’s not just a Julie/Julia project (where I cook through the cookbook), but more of a research project. (Also, it accomplishes a few things)

  • Justifying the cost of me getting more cookbooks
  • Using the cookbooks, rather than reading them like books
  • Getting REALLY good yummy num-nums

What does This mean?

Well hopefully, it shows you that vegan food can be delicious. That youĀ can have a great meal without needing to add animal byproducts, and vegan food isn’t all about packaged foods and all that other stuff. And that it can be easy (for the most part – or at least, the hard work is worth it.

If after reading this blog and you decide that veganism is for you – yay! If not, but you are tempted into trying for more Meat Free Meals yay! If I entertain you. Yay. If none of this is impressing, well thank you for reading this, and.. I guess i’ll see you..later? šŸ™‚


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