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A Girl and her Cookbook

on August 26, 2012

The official Start of the Project.


While I did a lot of cooking through cookbooks. (Which I will write reviews for later on). And actually did a Julie/Julia project on Facebook; here we are with a blog and being all official. More pictures, more detail, more everything. Honestly, It’s like everything you wish an Amazon Review would have, (what cooking times are, what the recipe needed to “add’ – some recipes need it, while some don’t and so on

I have a lot of cookbooks. (my very first one, for what it’s worth was Betty Crocker’s New Cookbook 12th Edition. I made tomato soup and zucchini bread and I never looked back). But now my collection is all vegan baby! While it would have been easy to do a standard and a staple in Vegan World. (Doing anything with Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Everything in her cookbooks come out great as well as very easy and uncomplicated). But the thing is – every one does her books. (Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m going to do them eventually), but why not do ones that haven’t been doing before.

This was really difficult because I wanted to lose weight. (I spent the entire summer eating cookies, pies and ice cream. As well as not being able to work out). And what ends up being published?


Honestly. I mean. It was like fate saying “Hello, Liv – do this book”
(and I can not tell a lie – it gave me an excuse to buy a new cookbook. I mean Hello.

  • low calorie comfort food book. That still uses oil, and stuff. Yeah!
  • A new cookbook. (win, always)
  • It works out with what I want to do (lose weight, show you can have good food without having to sacrifice taste and flavour..


Who am I lying. I got to get a new cookbook.

How this will work, I’ll document on the following:


  • How it reads. (the cookbook in general – the “what you needs, etc”)
  • Serving sizes are accurate. (Sometimes they lie).
  • Cooking times. (If it is not listed, I’ll mention how long it takes or if it is listed – if it’s accurate)
  • Taste (duh).

I will be taking a lot of pictures. I’ll probably have to open a flickr account or something. Apparently there’s a photo limit here on wordpress. 🙂

This week is planned with going through the book and seeing what bulk foods I need to buy. (spices, etc etc). Then plan my menus. (The book does give you meal plans, but still..).

A note:
I may not cook every thing from the book. I live in a tiny apartment with a tiny fridge ergo a tiny freezer. So if stuff needs to be frozen (see: Popsicles) I might nix it. We’ll see.

Also- I am weird. I cook a storm during the weekends, and eat left-overs for the rest of the week. I can’t do what most people do: cook every day. I barely have the energy to do what I need to do during the week. So actually,this is something else I can comment on: does it make good leftovers etc.


See you Sept. 1st!
(I might be late. Doctor Who does premier that day after all! :D)


2 responses to “A Girl and her Cookbook

  1. Nyj. says:

    Love this Liv!!
    I’m not Vegan (allergic to most soy products, and all nuts but almonds, so vegan is almost impossible for me) but i rarely eat meat, love to eat greens and I want to switch from cow-milk to almond milk, (can’t give up eggs, though:) Hopefully I’ll find meals on your blog that I can try out. (good excuse for me to buy more cookbooks 🙂 looking forward to your posts! Xx

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